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BARLET Marble & Granite

Association from Russian Federation,



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    Prefabricated Stone, Monument and Artifact
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    Russian Federation
  • Fireplaces and decorative elements - a separate line in the company. There is a design bureau. Developed and manufactured fireplaces in different styles, both classical and modern, taking into account the individual characteristics of specific facilities and homes in general. Clients of Design Bureau are also those who risked their own deal with the interior decoration of their apartments, and professional architects, designers, and craftsmen who worked on the product catalogs of leading European companies. You can not just order the exclusive products from natural stone, but also get free advice on the style of interior space in the fireplace, technical characteristics. Our specialists will ensure the production and installation of "turnkey" in the shortest time.
    Apart from the mantelpiece of the same stone can be cut tabletops, window sills, columns and other details of the interior.
BARLET Marble & Granite